Transition Saskatoon is a community collective working together to advocate, research and transform Saskatoon to a society centered on
Economic Justice, Environmental Sustainability and
Cultural Diversity.

A Transition Initiative (which could be a town, village, university or island etc) is a community-led response to the pressures of:

• Climate change;
• Fossil fuel depletion; and
• Increasingly, economic contraction.

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E-mail: info[at]transitionsaskatoon[dot]net

Our Vision

We envision a Saskatoon which places emphasis on

• Diverse, accessible food systems that are integrated with healthy ecosystems;
• Vibrant community that work cooperatively on goals that will serve the well being of everyone both now and for future generations;
• A healthy river and watershed that supports a diversity of life;
• Just, localized economies in which people are empowered to participate and support each other; and,
• Get around using our own two feet.

Our Mission

• To use positive visioning to empower the community to make the changes they want to see;
• The unlock the collective genius of the community to facilitate the great Reskilling;
• Raising awareness of the dire effects of our current system;
• Taking on practical projects while building solidarity within the entire Saskatoon community; and,
• By working locally, contributing to the worldwide Transition movement.

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